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CBD and Joints

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CBD and Joints

Hi there! Karina at MOST here. This blog is meant to be an easy and honest way to understand how CBD products can help people. Below is a 3 min blog you can absorb easily and maybe share with a friend!

Does it really work? 🤨

One of the most often asked questions in the CBD world is “does it actually work?” A lot of the info out there is anecdotal, but user testimonials aside, we wanted to feature some of the most interesting findings that researchers have shared from clinical studies these last few years. 

Keep in mind, large peer reviewed clinical studies are limited in part due to current legalities of enlisting human patients to test CBD. Still, many studies use smaller scale trials with human patients and mice to mighty impressive results. 

Below are my learnings for how CBD can help our joint health and provide happier body movement.

My hips, my knees!

The most common reason for joint surgery is due to something called “osteoarthritis” which is when the protective cartilage we have in our joints wears down creating pain.

The sad truth is, joint surgeries (specifically hips and knees) have increased every year for the last decade and are projected to grow 71-85% in the next. Americans are aching for relief!

The good news is, CBD has shown potential for easing these types of joint issues.

In a study where mice were induced with arthritis, they found that when CBD was dosed orally, it suppressed inflammation. It not only reduced the arthritic pain but also increased their ability to bear weight! The daily doses of CBD helped block the arthritic effects in the mice without any psychoactive effects or side effects.*

It not only reduced the arthritic pain but also increased their ability to bear weight...

The data suggests that joint health can be maintained longer in humans with CBD use and can become a safe addition to our pain management options and possibly delay invasive procedures without the long term side effects that perhaps harsh pain killers hold.*

We’re so inspired by all the new research being shared surrounding cannabinoids and their powerful benefits. 

If you don't mind us sharing, below are 2 of our products that relate to these findings:

We named our fast absorbing relief lotion MOVE, because of how well it helped our friends move a little happier within seconds. We’ve gotten some amazing feedback from customers, most recently our friend Cesar who loves it on his knees for his long distance runs and endurance training 🏃🏻

Check out his review here

Our TODAY oral drop formula is also a great way to maintain healthy joint health and ease aches throughout the day.

Check it out here.

I personally use it for shoulder aches when I sit for long periods of time at my workstation.

✍ We love to chat and hope you won't hesitate to ask us any questions about what you've learned at 


*Source: Gusho C A, Court T (March 23, 2020) Cannabidiol: A Brief Review of Its Therapeutic and Pharmacologic Efficacy in the Management of Joint Disease. Cureus 12(3): e7375. doi:10.7759/cureus.7375


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