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Nature has been rediscovered. Feel the difference.

Our star ingredient, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a full-body therapeutic compound. We carefully extract it from cannabinoid rich hemp plants organically raised to grow happy in the USA. Impressively designed by nature to provide relief and balance during hectic work days or after hard leg days, it’s loved by many and we’re excited to share the difference it makes with you and your loved ones. 

Superlative Standard 

Superlative (adj/noun) - su̇-ˈpər-lə-tiv:  Something exceptional, of the highest quality or degree, surpassing all others.

We believe that humans are investing in fewer but better things. Products made without detailed care and integrity just don’t cut it anymore.  

MOST Superlative CBD products are made with exceptional ingredients that will perform impressively. Going above and beyond when it comes to quality, safety, and your wellness is part of our Superlative Standard and it's why you will feel the difference in your dose!

We partner with multigenerational farmers with an expertise that is translated through their plants to optimize fast relief. Our U.S. farmers uphold our standards unwaveringly and our CBD products consistently outperform third-party lab testing so we can over deliver on our quality promise with full transparency. 

Made With Care

We're proud to share that our products are fully compliant under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO:9001;2015 manufacturing standards. Everything is whipped up with care in an FDA registered facility. This assures safe quality products for the public through rigorously audited manufacturing processes.

Our CBD is backed by science for efficacy, viability and bioavailability - it works like a charm! We use top-notch extraction methods to harness our plants’ full potential. This gives us the clean and safe whole plant cannabinoids, nutritious terpenes and micronutrients that we pack into our product line. Check out the “Report Card” for our CBD here.

    Additionally, we design our tinctures with MCT oil, a thoughtful ingredient to guarantee each drop of our tincture engages efficiently with your body. 


    Dosing your tinctures doesn't have to be a dreadful part of your routine, so we focus on taste to deliver you remarkably clean flavors for you to look forward to everyday.